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One of the famous game of the entire world is none other than GTA San Andreas. So what is this game about. Who can play this game and much more? Let us talk about it in depth. It is a safe game which can be downloaded free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for this. One of the latest version of it is Grand Theft Auto. The rating given for this game is 8 out of 10. So you can recognize it better how well and versed this game is.  This game was actually released in 2004 for none other than PlayStation 2. And after a year forward that is in 2005, all the user of Ms window and Xbox can access the game online. There is various app provided for you online to download this game. But you should always trust the most trusted one. Never ever rely on to the wrong website. You will get the latest version of this app online.

App specifications

The app details and specification are mentioned are as follows. The full specifications are as follows below ;

  • The license of this game is full version one. It is not the half version one.
  • This game is available in two languages such as English and Spanish one. None other language is being provided for this game.
  • The operating system of we talks It is compatible with WindowsXP, Windows 98,windowvista, windows 2000,windows7,window98 SE, window  ME.
  • The patch version of it is 1.01.
  • The developer of this game is none other than Rockstar They are used to be specialized in another field of games also other than this. The GTA San Andreas download is more than 15 million this year.
  • This game is beautiful and from where it is downloaded needs some improvement in that app. It is a famous game all around the world.
  • Any person who plays this game has nice experience regarding this game.

GTA San Andreas download


As we all know that about this game. So continue reading regarding the reviews of it. Some of the online reviews of people are given below;

  • This game is one of the most famous one around the world and highly compatible. You are always welcome to download the graphic San Andreas game.
  • The app of GTA San Andreas needs some improvement. Because here many HESOAM health cheats while playing it.
  • This is one of the best game and hasa nice experience when you play for the first time. At the start, you will feel like this game is boring but slowly and steadily you will be amazed.
  • It is a super cool game because it hassuperb graphics.


You all might be having a clear view of online games. But try to maintain the decorum between the game and your work. Your work should be treated first then play games online. Have faith within you and proceed further in life to play.  All you should know is games are the core heart of kids.