Tricks And Tips to Improve Your Tennis Skills

If you play tennis and want to improve the quality of your game, here are some tips you can use that might help you. The first tip is to practice. It is the most important thing to do when you are just a beginner. Even pro players practice at least 5 hours per day. You have to practice with an objective in mind. Plan everything, focus on one technique until you master it and move on to another technique. For example, you focus on your power every Monday, forehand on Tuesday, volleys on Wednesday, so on and so forth.

To have a successful and effective practice, you need to have a practice partner. Someone who has more experience than you in playing tennis. It is essential because you need to learn more techniques and tricks to improve your skills. When playing with someone who is better than you, always play defensive tennis, hit soft and high, put the ball in the middle and always return the shot in play. Don’t get intimidated by the opponent, remember that you are practicing to learn tennis. It is OK to lose as long as you’ve learned something in return.

Get tips from advance players

If you want to learn some tricks from pro players, you have to watch them play and record their games. Watch them in slow motion, rewind everything if you need to. Concentrate on their movements so you will know how to integrate how they play in your own game. Professional players do this all the time. They watch their fellow players and study their movements. They can get an idea of how to improve the way they play. Another tip is to teach someone less skilled than you. But before doing this, you need to master a technique before teaching someone. Communicate with them and watch every detail of their practice. This way, you can understand the theory behind that technique.

Tips for tennis equipment

The best advice for beginners involving tennis equipment – make sure you use the right one. Make sure you have the right racket with the right grip size and the right size. The most commonly used racket for beginners is 26 to 28 inches. When it comes to grip size, you have to measure it by holding your racket palm side up and measure it from the crease to the fourth finger then to the tip of your middle finger. The measurement of the handle should be about four inches in diameter. Your elbow and wrist will thank you later for this. Use proper tennis shoes, not running shoes, not basketball sneakers, but tennis shoes. It should be made out of herringbone thread stitch to withstand the player’s side movements.

Serving tips

A lot of players have difficulty with their service, and if you want to be a professional or play competitively, you should have a reliable and consistent service. If you are serving into the net, then you are tossing the ball too far away from you. Try tossing it a few inches in front of you and lean forward before you swing the racket. And if you are tossing the ball too high, it produces a downward vector as it goes down before it hits your racket. Make sure to throw it four or five inches higher where your rocket touches the ball. A flat serve, no matter how hard it is, will barely get over the net with little room to spare, but if you put more spin to it, it will clear the net with ease. If your serves are hitting, but way too long, you are making contact with the ball too low. It will also decrease the angle of your racket and disrupts the whipping action of your serve. To solve this, you need to make sure that you will make contact with the ball at full extension. You also need to make sure that you toss the ball correctly, not too high and not too far.

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Tennis is a quick game full of fast and sudden movements. You have to make sure that your footwork is good, so you need to work on your speed and endurance. Jogging every morning with a little spring mix into it will help you develop both your endurance and speed. You can also run, back and forth, on the tennis court for at least 15 minutes with 15 seconds rest. Implement these tips to the point that it will be like second nature to you.