The Best Golf Courses In Europe You Need To Visit

Europe has a large number of best golf courses. From the golf courses in the lush green landscape to the rough golf courses in the Scottish uplands, you will find the best quality golf courts matching your interest or demands. Through this article, we will find out a list of the top 5 best golf courses in Europe you need to visit.

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1)         Turnberry, Scotland

Whether you are a novice or a master of golf, Turnberry Scotland has it all for you. Some of the most favourite and famous golf courses are ‘The Kintyre’, ‘The Aaron’ and ‘The Alisa’ golf courses. If you choose a golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, chances are very high that you will definitely get the ultimate experience of a demanding game that will give you a lot of pleasure. In addition to the above benefit, the splendid views of the sea will stay in your mind and heart forever; you will cherish the overwhelming scenic beauty of the landscape.

2)         Golfclub Murhof, Austria

GOLFCLUB MURHOF is the oldest golf course in Austria. You will get the opportunity of playing in the marvellous greens of Austria. Of-course, you should be assured of a candid golf play among the old tree and backwoods.

Best Golf Courses

3)         Bay Course Costa Navarino, Greece

This course is located in the coastal region of Greece. You can relish the extraordinary beauty of the landscape and experience the impressive sight of the bay of Navarino. This is a very enlightened course which you definitely don’t want to miss.

4)         Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Portugal

Remember that this course is not specifically low-priced but it is guaranteed that investing in this golf course will not fail to please you.

So, distinct tracks occur at this course amidst the excellent design providing you plenty of space.

In order to push your clubs throughout the golf course effortlessly, as a golfer it is very important as well as beneficial for you to have a golf push cart. Also, a golf push cart would not cost you that much. It will make pushing the way towards victory on the course very easy.

5)         National Golf Resort, Lithuania

National Golf Resort offers you a unique golf course that you need to visit. You will enjoy a distinctive game and that too in a breathtaking environment.

These golf courses are incredible for having an unforgettable time with family.