Stone walls made by hunters, Cultural Heritage

But in addition to the theoretical formalism we must bear in mind the fact that hunting has for many hunters a high degree of feeling, emotion and vital value, that call that leads them to seek the countryside, the mountain, and nature, in the broad sense of the term, as a fundamental part of its existence.

The text aims to make a first theoretical approach, focusing on elementary questions such as: what is hunting and what does it mean to be a hunter? To this end, the data obtained during the field work carried out in different areas of the country and between different groups of hunters, as well as written sources of various types have been used.. It does not enter the qualifier “sports” that is often associated with the current hunt. The analysis of this question would suppose to exceed the extension of the article, only to indicate that the qualification of the hunt as sports or not, is not a minor issue but enters fully into the consideration of the activity itself. In this sense it is convenient to point out that one chooses to consider hunting as a hunting activity and not as a sporting activity, without entering, in this article, into the detailed study of these meanings.

A non-definition based on reflection

Defining what hunting is and, in turn, what it means to be a hunter 먹튀검증 is a goal as broad as it is elusive. There is no unequivocal answer to the question, or at least this is what is intended to defend then, not even consensus among the hunters themselves, although, on the other hand, they do establish a series of common links that serve as a basis. In addition to the consideration of hobby, hobby, fun, sport, which, at first, could be referred to, hunting presents a greater complexity. One could consider the polygenic conception of the term “hunting”, which goes further in its meaning than the one defined by the Royal Academy of the Language: look for or follow birds, beasts and many other kinds of animals to collect or kill them..

Cultural Heritage

This definition approaches several existing opinions among the hunters themselves and is a first moment of group categorization. Hunting is not only the act itself, not even the global activity itself, but it adds the socialization, categorization and symbolization that is made among hunters. But the hunt does not stop here, it will continue in our thoughts in the following days, checking in our head the casts made, and making speculations of what would have happened if instead of entering here, it would have entered there. And we will begin to elaborate our next strategy, of how we will try to hunt that side or that rabbit, or that boar or that deer that has defeated us, but which we will try to win in the next day.

   And the hunt continues, when we peel that partridge and check that the shot was something back as we had believed, or when we check that the tower was made by that buckshot we have in the head, or when skinning the pig we see that We had to pistearlo because the bullet had it in the belly.