Escape Room Business Trends

The escape room industry is not the same as it was just a few years ago. More games are created, making the experience more interactive and of higher quality.

You’ll want to be knowledgeable ofthe current sector trends before youdecide to create your own company. If you are already an owner, then you should focus on the below trends of the sector, in order to catch up to the others or create a sustainable competitive advantage, given your market share.

  1. Being Successful for a long time is not that easy anymore.

As time passes, more and more escape games are created in every area, making people more aware of this new type of activity.

The key goal of every organization is not to be the only escape room in the local area, but be the best one, offering the best mystery games. All of your escape rooms should be of high quality, so that clients can be satisfied and play all of your rooms and not just one.

  1. Higher Customer Expectations & Level of Dissatisfaction

Today every escape room should be built not just to exist, rather to provide an adequate source of income in the long term. The population in your area influences greatly the life circle of an escape room, but the quality of the game plays a crucial role, as well. You should aim to create a game that will cast players’ minds and transcend their expectations, both in terms of riddles and game’s flow.

Lately customers are not inclined to pay a low budget escape room just to spend their time. If they are going to play an escape game and pay the ticket, then they want and demand more. The want the whole experience. The riddles, the live performance, the atmosphere. Hence the experience must be characterized as ‘’ value for money’’, in order for your escape business to survive and thrive.

escape rooms

In regard of this, My Escape in Rhodes created the new live acting escape room Paranormal and the budget was three times higher, when compared to previously escape rooms.

Subsequently, if you want to be a leader in your market, you should invest in a high tech escape room or in a game with live acting, in order to increase the experience and interactivity of the game. The experience that you offer should be higher than the competitors and be reviewed by clients, accordingly.

  1. Strategy of the company

Constructing an escape room of high quality requests money and a lot of energy. Having a business plan is of paramount importance, in order to check you’re where you are standing as a company and where do you want to be in the future. The fixed costs increase every year and the need for each room of our portfolio to increase its revenues is critical for the growth of the organization. Good games bring repeated customers who will play all of our rooms and increase our profitability.

Subsequently the increasing supply of escape rooms in a given area makes the competition more intense and the need of each organization to provide high quality escape rooms is of paramount importance.

  1. Company’s mission

Every organization needs to have a clear mission and long-term objectives, in order to differentiate from the competitors and set clients’ perceptions. Communication to clients what you offer and what they should expect from you is the cornerstone of every organization. As an owner of an escape room, you should set the mission and vision of your company. Why should people play your escape room? What does it distinguish it from the others? You do not know? That is ok.

Just read your company’s online reviews and listen to clients.  Focus on how players felt when they played your escape game, for instance The Conjuring or Hostel in Rhodes. If the feedback for your live escape room is positive, invest on this. If something is of low quality, take it out or camouflage it, in order to satisfy the players. For instance, My Escape in Rhodes has added more value to the already existing horror escape room, The Conjuring.