Console Mods – When Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Do you sometimes like to kick your Xbox or PS3, in despair, for your inability to defeat those pro gamers? Well don’t be disheartened! With a modified gaming controller you can defend your avatar. Not just shooting your opponents, you can headshot them with a modded controller. Click here and see for yourself what awesome actions you can perform with a modded controller.

Endless Possibilities

With a modded controller for your Xbox or PS3, you can be a superhero in the virtual world. You can do a variety of stunts when you use a modified controller.

These are some of the things that a modded controller can do –

  • Rapid Fire
  • Fast Reload
  • Auto Aim
  • Key Binding or Key Assignment
  • Jump-Shoot
  • Quick Building
  • Aesthetically Enhancing The Console

Rapid Fire & Fast Reload

A rapid fire mod makes your clumsy shotgun or any other single-fire gun shoot like a machine gun. You can increase your kill rate with fast firing. With increased firing rate, one needs decrease in reload-time, otherwise there will be no benefit of rapid fire. A modded joystick does that too.

Auto Aim

Modded controllers help you aim automatically. You can now headshot all you want.

Key Assignment –

Don’t like the positioning of the fire key? You can remap the fire key on a modded controller. You can even make your avatar run pressing only one key.

Jumping And Shooting At The Same Time –

Ever wondered if you could jump in the air all the while shooting your enemies in Fortnite? This is possible too with a modded controller.

Fast Building

With a modified controller, you can press a single key to build structures quickly and efficiently. Trap your enemies or hide yourself with just a click!

Aesthetically Enhancing Your Console

Putting skins on your console and controller falls under the purview of console modification. Skins can make your console look beautiful. They also protect the consoles from scratches. You can ask to make customized skins made as per your wish, for your console.

            Keep in mind that modifying a console is not legal, but modifying a controller is. Putting skins is also legal. Modifying a console means one is modifying the source code that comes preloaded on the hardware. Controller modification is nothing but enhancing the hardware for effective game-play – leaving the source code untampered. Click here to see how without breaking any laws, you can become a pro. Hundreds of popular games are compatible with modded controllers – like – Call of Duty, Fortnite or R6.

            If you feel dejected while playing games, then what is the point of playing games. Modded controllers can make you feel like a hero and modded, stylized consoles can complement your attitude. Get a modded controller and have a blast. Literally!