CCM Super Tacks Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The CCM Super Tacks let skaters “actually feel like they are increasing their performance every time they’re stepping on the ice” as said by the product manager, J.S Belanger. The CCM Super Tacks are the product of 5 years of extensive research. They are full of innovative features and design, as expected after 5 years. If you’re going to spend big on skates you want to be sure you are getting your money’s worth, this article will help ensure that.

Coming in at around $1000 the Super Tacks are almost the best skates money can buy. In a size 9D, the Super Tacks weigh just 843 grams. Everything about the Super Tacks just screams big money, but the appearance of the skates stands out above all else. There is a rather generous amount of carbon fibre throughout the construction, it is visible all in the skates. This – along with the yellow and silver highlights, will let you stand out from the crowd.

Even before the Super Tacks are moulded they feel great. The fit is superb but with the added bonus of their heat mouldability, they are absolutely amazing. The heat mould allows the skates to be tailor-fitted to your exact foot size. This is prominently due to the new asymmetrical heal support, the foundation of the boots’ one-piece design.

With the mass amount of carbon fibre, the stiffness of the boot is really no surprise. This stiffness really helps you to drive the power through to the ice, so that you can maximise your energy by transforming it into powerful skating.

The skates have a warranty of 90 days while the blades have a warranty of 1 year. This means that you can be completely sure that your money will last and that your investment is sound. The Super Tacks run on Speedblade Black runners with Speedblade 4.0 holders.

Not only is it the carbon MonoFrame that makes this amazing skate the skate that it is. But it is the swarm of discreet yet awesome features which really work together to make this skate the amazing skate that it is.

When looking at CCM Super Tacks Reviewsit is rare to find one that talks about the liners even though liners are so important. The Super Tacks come with TotalDri liners. Many people find that when there is extra pressure in a game or simply when skating they get sweaty. There is nothing worse than feeling the sweat seep through your sock, how uncomfortable! The TotalDri liner is an expert at stopping this by pulling moisture away from your feet. But rather than just soaking up sweat, it pulls it towards a specially moulded vent to actually get rid of moisture, rather than trapping it inside the skate. Sometimes when sweating mid-game you can experience minor slippage in your boot. The Super Tacks have the solution to this as well, Durazone Abrasion patches! These patches can completely eliminate any slippage whatsoever so that you can power on through your game stress-free.

The Super Tacks have ADV Pro moulded tongues which provide superior support and really moulds to the upper ankles. In fact, CCM have actually taken out some of the padding as it was shown that it wasn’t needed.

The Super Tacks 360 MonoFrame is superior to other moulding boots. When heat moulding, it is impossible to avoid the inevitable: slight gaps between the edge of your foot and the bonded part of the skate. With the 360 MonoFrame, there is no need to worry about this. Not only does this improve comfort but it also helps you to transfer power from your foot into the ice.

The Super Tacks really are like no other. They make you rethink what is possible from a skate. CCM really have changed the game, their 360 MonoFrame body really is incomparable to any other. The Super Tacks really are superior to other skates with ridiculous hype. With the Super Tacks, the hype is real!