Buy FIFA Credits for FUT20 (Fifa Ultimate Teams)

Every year, fans around the world are eager to see what FIFA 20, the EA Sports football simulation update, will be able to offer. Surely FUT 20 Coins will always be the currency in FIFA 20 that you can use to get some of the best players and useful bonus content.

Why buy FUT 20 credits?

To get FIFA credits in FUT 2019 mode, you need to play a lot of matches. Indeed, each match brings a little nest egg. It is therefore the multiplication of matches that will remain for you the best way to earn credits without paying a single penny. Another solution offered by the game: buy a pack of players, which you do not know in advance. You can fall on great players, but it’s not guaranteed. What a disappointment to put several tens of euros in a pack that only brings you shitty players!

  1. Having FIFA credits on Fifa Ultimate Team 2019 will allow you to:
  2. – open packs
    – buy players
  3. – to buy consumables

What are the advantages of buying FIFA credits?

Buying FIFA credits offers the enormous advantage of being able to build up quickly, a competitive team that will allow you to fight at best in competitions and thus hope to rank at the top of the leagues (Team Clash, FUT Champions …) to win again maximum credit.

As in real life, money brings money.
The more FIFA credits you have, the easier you can earn them.

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Things not to do when you start on FUT

Overall, the FUT mode of FIFA 20 forces players to be patient at first, enough time to get enough to buy cards and improve your team. Here are some additional tips for getting ahead on FUT:

  • Keep your best cards (both on your bench and on the auction house)
  • Do not buy large cards at the very beginning, the prices will be very high
  • Do not try to constitute two Gold + training at the same time

Do not force links with cards that are difficult to use (if your best cards come from small championships or nationalities with few good players). Rather try to sell them

Build your starter team on FIFA 20

Have you played several games with your starting team and started to accumulate cards and credits? The next step is to form a starter team. A starter team is a team mainly made up of Gold cards serving as the basis for your future starting eleven in the game.

Thus, its composition is important since if you manage your move well, it can simply evolve over time without having to redo everything each time you open a few packs.

A good starter team must have the following:

  • A fairly low total cost (below 10k credits)
  • A global value around 75-80
  • A collective level close to 100
  • A certain flexibility to be able to add better cards without completely redoing your eleven
  • Favor big championships to be able to add better cards