There are plenty of reasons why soccer is as popular as it is. One of the biggest reasons why people in South America and Europe love soccer so much is because they played it as children and in school. When you realize how difficult something is to do well, it often makes you appreciate the talents of the people that do perform well. Playing the game, and then watching professionals play it with honed and well-crafted skill, is often pleasant, enjoyable, and even exciting.

Another big reason is because we are programmed to be competitive, and watching soccer allows us to quench that particular thirst somewhat vicariously. Here are a few more reasons why people are so crazy about soccer.

There Is More Happiness To Be Gained Via A Purpose

Doing things for no purpose is the key to unhappiness according to the book “Happiness is a serious problem” by Dennis Prager. He posits that if you do anything pointless for more than two hours, it actually lowers your levels of overall happiness. Obviously, there are exceptions. Watching five hours of TV per night doesn’t often lead to a happy life, and only spending two hours in a theme park is a little silly, nevertheless, in general, if a task or activity has a purpose, you are more likely to draw happiness from it.

What Is The Purpose Nestled In Soccer?

If the principle of purpose is true, what purpose does soccer have? Like most sports, it is more fun if you are watching the team or player that you are rooting for. If you were the switch on the snooker and your favorite player is playing, then you are more likely to watch and enjoy yourself than if you watch with two strangers playing.

People have their own teams that they support, and this alone is all the “purpose” that is required for a person to enjoy soccer. People may enjoy the game without their favorite teams playing, but most people enjoy games where their favorite and/or home team is playing. It gives them a side to root for and ergo gives the game a purpose for the viewer. The more invested a person is in their team, i.e. the more they are a fan, then the more pleasure a person gets from watching their team play.

Some People Use Gambling To Give Soccer A Purpose

Turn on a TV when a match is about to start, and some people will sit and watch. Others will only watch if their team(s) is playing. However, if the same person were to place a wager on the match, it wouldn’t matter which teams were playing. The person placing the bet would enjoy the match because he or she is rooting for the team that he or she bet on. It gives soccer a purpose beyond the personal satisfaction of seeing his or her favorite team win.

It can be tricky picking a team to win if you are watching teams you are unfamiliar with. That is why some people use soccer statistics websites to pick which team to bet on. For example, there is a statistics page for the Euro soccer tournament that you can use to pick between the teams. Compare the statistics for each team and make your choice, or sign into the website and see what their online tool say. Once you have picked your team, use a gambling website and enter your bet. Now, sit back and watch the game unfold. What’s more, if you do place a bet, then the longer the scores remain tied, then the more tension and excitement you will feel.