Top Escape Game Themes You Can Consider

If you are looking for new adventure games, it is time that you try escape games rhodes. Escape games are relatively new but many people are having fun making it popular around the world. It is a game that allows players to solve series of puzzles using hints and clues provided.

The puzzles are usually in the form of hidden objects, patterns, symbols and ciphers. There is a time limit to reveal the secret plot that is disguised within the rooms. The storyline makes the games exciting and thrilling. The story lines will depend on the chosen themes. Top escape game themes that you can consider include:

The zombie-themed room

For people who want to help the world get rid of a viral outbreak that is causing people to become zombies, this is the best escape room. The room will provide you with the necessary tools to develop a cure. Like any escape room, your team will be given a time limit to escape otherwise you have to face a hungry zombie.

The supernatural-themed room

If you fancy supernatural mysteries, this is the room for you. This room usually deals with paranormal happenings so be careful of the self-closing doors and floating objects. This is like teaming up with Shaggy and Scooby to solve a supernatural mystery.

The prison break-themed room

If you want to feel how it is to break out from prison, you can try this theme. Now you will have an idea how unnerving it is for Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. For this theme, you should use your wits and search for things inside your “cell” to facilitate your escape. Expect that these escape rooms have a secret door.

Top Escape Game Themes You Can Consider

The superhero-themed room

With the recent Avengers film, you are still elated that is why this room is best for you and your friends. You cannot be a superhero unless you have stepped into the shoes of superheroes. Now you have the chance to get rid of evil and other wicked plans. The best thing about this room is everyone can be a hero. No one is a sidekick. Your kids will surely love to wear a cape or mask to beat the evil.

The clown-themed room

Clowns are not always funny because most of them are in horror films. The elaborate makeup and clothing plus the scary laughs will surely bother you. If you want to tackle your fear of clowns, this is the first step to healing. Nothing will motivate you more than seeing the face of clowns and facing evil.

Escape rooms by nature should be an immersive experience. It should also bring out the camaraderie in everyone. For families playing, it should strengthen the bond. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to have fun and be a team player especially if you are included in other groups. There are many ways to be successful but the most important is to communicate with each other.

As with the age restrictions, escape rooms are for everybody. However, for mature themes, players ages 16 and up are recommended to participate. For other less sensitive themes, you can bring the kids. Good luck!