Synthetic Solutions For Tennis Lovers

The world of sports has seen a welcome development in synthetic playing surfaces, and with many benefits that include zero maintenance, tennis court owners around Australia are making the switch to synthetic surfaces. Of course, there is the initial outlay of having the artificial surface laid, but once the work has been completed, you can look forward to many years of trouble free use, and the considerable budget that was once set aside for pitch maintenance can be allocated to other, more important things.


Typically, when a playing surface is to be replaced with a synthetic material, there needs to be some ground preparation, and the provider would have a team of experienced tennis court builders who will ensure that the playing surface meets very high standards. Drainage is critical and if it is insufficient, the synthetic surface provider can make alterations, to assure that there is never any water on the playing surface.

Full Construction

If you are planning on creating a sports arena, no matter what size, there are experienced synthetic surface companies who can handle the entire project. This is the ideal time to go synthetic, and once the pitch is finished, you will have zero maintenance to keep the playing surface in tip-top condition. The best thing to do is talk to an established synthetic playing surface supplier, and you might be surprised to learn that artificial surfaces are not much more expensive than grass, and when you factor in the huge upkeep costs for a grass court, with cutting and lining, it makes perfect sense to go down the synthetic road.

Professional Standards

A synthetic tennis court surface lacks nothing in terms of playing quality, and many professionals actually prefer the artificial surface because it not only acts like grass, it is always consistent and weather conditions have no effect on how the ball moves, and the same cannot be said about natural grass. If the professional tennis players prefer a synthetic surface, this means it gives the players consistent properties, and that makes the game just that little bit easier. A bounce on a grass court surface could end up anywhere, depending on the precise spot where the ball landed, and this can be an issue for players as they try hard to read an unpredictable bounce. Consistency is the name of the game with a tennis court surface and you can’t find a more consistent surface than the latest generation of synthetic sports surfaces.

Forget Line Marking

If you think cutting the grass is a chore, don’t forget the lining that must be done right after the cut, and after a few sets of play, some of the line markings will need to be redone, but with a synthetic surface, your lines are indeed permanent, and with proper drainage, the courts can be used at any time in any weather.

Synthetic tennis court solutions get the thumbs up from both groundkeepers and players alike, and for the owner of the facility, artificial surfaces make maintenance a thing of the past.