Start Playing Your Favorite GTA Game on Your Mobile

GTA 5 is the landmark title in this series of Grand Theft Auto. This game got released in 2013 for consoles and in 2015 for PCs. Although the game is 7 years old but, it has attracted many people with its unique features, and exquisite mode.

The game popularity is such that the players now are looking ways to play gta 5 android on their phones. This is the reason that Rockstar Games has officially ported many older titles from this series over smartphones. Let us go a little deep and understand more about this game and features.

Story mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 has a long mode only for main storyline and extras take around 130 hours to complete. It’s a bit long game and need players to live 3 lives at once: Rich man who pulled off the big heist, maniac, and kid. All of them play an important role in an end of the game that is pulling off the vast heist. The game intensifies when you go ahead to achieve your aim.

Even though the storyline of this game is a bit complex and need you to bring the lives back of all three protagonists by performing different heists, but it is fun and engaging to play. GTA games are fun that offers you with the open world environment where you can run around as well as have lots of fun, with an amazing storyline to complete & feel you have accomplished something while playing the game.

GTA 5 does not need any introduction. This game has sold several copies and still going very strong. There are a lot of reasons why Grand Theft Auto V has a huge fan following. Not lots of games can find this right balance of the story & gameplay. But, GTA V has done it the right way. The best part about this game is it allows you to live lives of three different protagonists & you will basically need to play over all these three characters if you want to go ahead in a story, in a classic GTA type. You may switch between these three characters whenever you want. However, what sets GTA 5 different from many other games is the exhaustive multiplayer online.

Final Words

Thus, players enjoy playing GTA 5 game on their mobile and PC and have attracted players from across the world.