Softball Gloves – Picking the Right Size

Have you seen a girl at second base who groped for a softball when her glove fell from her hand? You may remember that something similar happened to you when you first started playing softball or baseball. It was unpleasant and somewhat humiliating. It made you think that you are a bad ball player.

One thing that parents need to remember is that for a child who is not familiar with a fast-paced softball game, we must give them the right tools to learn the game and the best softball gloves. I do not mean that you need to go out and buy them this incredible new pro model glove, which costs $ 259. You just need to make sure they have a glove that fits their small hand. But you can always sell it if you decide to give up the softball.

So, what size does she need?

Gloves sizes for the smallest children will be from 10 to 10.5 inches. Probably, no matter what position he plays. Take the glove you like. They even make them pink and purple. Make sure you can easily put your hand on the glove and continue. If you fall immediately, try to find one that has grooves for smaller fingers or one with a velcro strap on your wrist.

best softball gloves

Ok i’m ready for the comp ball

So, now your little girl has grown up and really covered this fast-paced softball game. She knew how to learn and almost coped with the mechanics of filming and throwing the ball. Now she is ready to go to the ball or competitive softball. Do you think you need a special softball glove?

What is the size for my position?

Most quick-release softball mixers range from 33.5 to 34.5 inches. I see more in size 34 inches. It depends on your preferences and how strong your hand is or the size of your hand. Gloves to catch a quick release are also usually made with the positions of smaller fingers in order to better adapt to the hand of a young woman. Gloves for baseball hunters are slightly smaller, ranging from 32.5 to 33.5 inches. Minor grab gloves may be smaller in the 31 inch range.


Softball pitchers look like a somewhat larger glove pattern. Usually in the range of 12.5 to 13 inches, with 13 inches being the most noticeable. Pitchers love to hide the ball, getting a hold for a throw. It also gives them a bit more protection from this heavy blow in the middle. Many pitchers, like a glove with a mesh for a hive, are a solid network. Some prefer a more open network. Again, this is a preference, and at the age of 13 or 14 they begin to express their opinions about everything.

All we need to know is to choose the right softball glove size for all positions. If you want to understand all styles, types, patents and sizes.