Playing Sims 4: Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for a mobile game, you will love the mobile sims 4. It’s a life builder game that became popular as a desktop game. Now you can enjoy both sims 4 android and sims 4 iOs. There are many aspects you have to consider for your sims such as career, home setup, friends, and even personality quirks. The following are some of the best tricks and tips to consider before you download the sims 4 on phone:

Always finish off the tasks on the checklist and complete the quests.

The daily missions of the sims can be done by looking into the checklist regularly. It must be a good habit for you to complete the goals since it can give you a lot of superb rewards such as XP and Simoleons. The missions are simple, but the quests may need a bit more of your time and strategies.

Take care of those mobile sims events. Take a risk.

You have to complete events in every sim you have for you to have access to Home, Simoleons, Tickets, and points that cater to the specific tasks. You are usually given a lot of time to finish the events. You can speed up the completion of the event-related actions if you want. It’s crucial for you to gain confidence before you take a risky action. Doing this can increase your chances for success, and it takes away a few seconds off the event’s time meter.


Sims Mobile Careers: choose wisely.

When you play the sims 4 mobile, your sim has to have a job or a career. You have several career options: culinary, DJ, lawyer, business, barista, medical practitioner, and fashion. There are several requirements for you to end up practicing any of those careers.

Getting married on sims 4 involves responsibility and strategies.

Once you find a companion whom you think is worthy of marriage, it’s crucial to increase the relationship level with that person. You’ll rely more on flirty and romantic conversations.

You can follow many tricks and techniques from here for you to end up successful in playing sims 4 mobile. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.