Looking For Outstanding Sports Equipment – Go For Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle

Rukket is a pioneer when it comes to the design and made all of their sports net’s they sell. This company is known for making best quality and modern features of the golf nets, and they take in account all the customer feedback just to ensure that their product is improving on regular basis. You will find a wide range of sports equipment from Rukket. They are into games like lacrosse, softball, soccer, and baseball. But, their most popular product is the high quality and robust golf practice nets.

Buy Quality Products

Rukket, generally, prefer selling directly to the people and they do not have any intermediaries and distributors. The company has its base in US and is well known by their quality of product and has the well-earned reputation. Let us know more about Rukket golf nets available in the market right now.

Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle will make golfer in you very happy. The bundle includes famous Rukket golf net, chipping net and hitting mat. Driving net is just a pop up and you will get in the mode of practice the moment you open the bag and ready for use. Rukket is very particular about their customer’s reaction and they take it very seriously. They have done some modification with the improved folding. You can get all the folding instructions on net, as they have large handle in the bag. The net is easily foldable in a 32 inch of hoop. This also comes with the durable bag and the comfortable strap. You will see that bag is quite big that will accommodate the whole stuff that weighs only 16 pounds.

Start Your Practice Session

Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle includes an amazing outdoor net and can be used indoors as well. Construction of its base is reinforced just to ensure it will withstand any abrasive surfaces like cement. No like other golfing nets available in the market, it has got double net so inside net also can be easily replaced. Anchor this to your ground using included ground stakes and prevent the wind movement.

The net is designed from the durable 4 ply knotless netting that absorbs impact of a ball and returns it gently so that you will get more practice during your sessions. It is one highly durable net and it can stop the real balls hit and with any club you have in the golf bag. The bundle also includes golf mat that features the rough turf, tee turf and putting turf. Base is of non-slip rubber. Chipping target completes your kit, and making you to improve the short shot accuracy. If you want it, Rukket provides an amazing after sales service.