FPV Drone Racing- a Sport that you can Master

The sport of drone racing is still in its blooming phase. The popularity drone racing has earned in just a matter of few years, shows its bright future. If those flying little machines, commonly called drones, increase the flow of adrenaline in your body system, you must try your hands on FPV drone racing. There are a huge number of fields where you can use your drone handling skills. But, the fun and excitement of the FPV drone racing are simply unmatchable.

You just need two things to get started with FPV drone racing – A high-quality racing drone set and drone piloting skills.

The ingredients of a high-quality racing drone

Speed – It goes without saying, excelling in any race requires high speed. In general, drones have 35 mph speed. But, when you enter professional drone racing this speed will not be sufficient. You require increasing the speed of your drone as much as possible. There are many things you can do to increase the speed of your drone. The easiest way is to use high-power batteries. You can replace the traditional 11.1v batteries with 14.8v batteries. A powerful battery is always helpful in increasing the speed of a drone. The next thing you can do is decrease the weight of your drone by removing unnecessary parts like GPS, extra-long wires, heavy landing gear etc.

Sight-In FPV drone racing you see the surroundings with the eyes of your drone’s camera. How you operate your drone depends majorly on the footage captured by your drone’s camera. So, it is imperative to check the settings of your drone camera. Your drone camera needs to have a high frame rate and wide field of view so that you can clearly see where your drone is going and the objects in the surrounding areas. When you fly a drone in high speed it can tilt up to 80-degrees angle. So, you should ensure that when your drone tilts down you can tilt up the camera to see clearly where your drone is heading. You should also make sure that your camera is durable because crashes are unavoidable for a racing drone.

Control – The most common mistake done by newbie drone racers, in assembling their racing drone, is that they ignore flight controller. You should know that your drone remains stable because of flight controller. So, don’t overlook the importance of flight controller in your racing drone. There are numbers of firmware and many new are being introduced in the market. Stay updated with the development in firmware for racing drones, and, make sure your flight controller is capable of running the most popular firmware in your racing criteria. As for example, CleanFlight is the best firmware for mini racing drones.

Durability – Crashes are inevitable for racing drones. You need to have a durable frame for your racing drone so that it can tolerate many crashes before breaking. Not only the frame but your entire drone should be durable and repairable. You should be able to repair or replace parts of your drone individually.

Qualities of a good drone racer

Patience and persistence – Having a great racing drone will do no good if you don’t possess the qualities of a good drone racer. The first traits you need to develop within you are patience and persistence. You cannot be a champion overnight. You need to practice hard and keep up practicing even if you don’t see improvements in your skills in the beginning. If you wish to be a good drone racer, don’t lose your patience and keep practicing persistently.

Motivation – Drone racing is not a mainstream sport like cricket or football. So, you won’t find many people around you who will approve your choice of being a professional drone racer. Be sure not to get demotivated. You can join local or online groups of drone racers to stay enthusiastic about the sport. You can also visit this website whenever you feel your motivation for drone racing is draining.

Attention – While flying a racing drone you need to be very attentive. Being distracted for a single moment can result in a crash that could have been avoided. In addition to practicing drone piloting, you should also practice focusing your mind. Higher your level of attention the better would be your flying skills.

Quick Judgement – You need to have a good presence of mind to make a quick judgment to be a good drone racer. You get different varieties of unexpected hurdles in a drone race. If you won’t make a quick judgment, you won’t be able to cross the hurdles as quickly as you need to win the race.

Hope to see you excelling in FPV drone racing.