Discovering the Best Drivers for Your Game of Golf

In general, we use the woods to strike long strokes, on a tee or on the fairway. As their name suggests, woods were once made of wood. They are recognized by the rather broad head of the golf club. The driver is the largest golf club you will ever find in a golf bag. It is used to hit a tee. Wooden golf clubs come in four sizes: 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The more the weight of the golf club moves backwards, the easier it is to hit and the bigger the moment of grace. With weight distributed on the sides, the golf club remains stable at the moment of impact, even when off-center shots. When the center of gravity is lower, you can hit the ball higher.

Series OfFers

We use irons for shorter shots than wood, and approach shots (towards the green). These are universal golf clubs, and most shots can be played with irons. With the Longest Hitting Driver the solutions come easy.

Most series today go from iron 5 to pitching wedge. Irons 3 and 4 can be ordered separately for most brands. With the lowest number, you tap the ball furthest away. At the club head, a wide sole  allows you to hit the ball high and achieve an excellent result. A smaller sole gives a shorter and more precise path.

To achieve a better result, it is better to choose an iron with offset. The offset is actually the angle of the club with regard to the shaft, with which you can limit the unfortunate spin. With the right iron, golfers can keep their hands above the club face as they touch the ball, increasing the likelihood of the ball rolling further after it hits the ground.

For more power, choose an iron with a lower center of gravity. If you want more precision, then choose a higher center of gravity.


Hybrid golf clubs combine the characteristics of irons and woods. It is easy to play with this type of club, which you can replace with long irons (1, 2 and 3). They are used especially when the ball is in the rough, and it is not easy to use an iron. Hybrids are also known as “rescues” because they pull you out of difficult situations. To hit as accurately as possible, they feature the characteristics of a wood (5 or 7) and a long (1 to 4), with the same weight distribution for optimal results.

Wedges (short clubs with an angle) are mostly used for shorter shots and in the bunker. With wedges, you have a short, high shot.

There are three types of wedges:

  • 52 ° Gapwedge: designed to bridge a big difference between sandwedge and pitching wedge.
  • 56 ° Sandwedge: standard opening. Specially designed to get out of the bunker or for shorter shots.
  • 60 ° Lobwedge: These clubs ensure that the ball goes very high in the air, so that it rolls very shortly after landing.