A Guide toPredictingtheOutcomeofa Football Match

Prediction of football games is a concept that utilizes statistical and mathematical tools to predict the outcome of a particular football match. The primary aim of each prediction technique is to analyze the game and predict the score line of the football match accurately.

Techniques Used

Predicting the outcome of a football game requires assessing of various parameters. To do so there are various techniques which the predictors follow. The most basic method is ranking. The ranking is a process, which assigns each team a position according to its performance in the previous games. The higher ranking a team possesses, the higher are its chances to win a match; a stronger team is likely to maintain a higher rank. FIFA world rankings and ELO ratings are a most reliable source for this. However, the ranking is a measure of wins and losses of a team and not of the tactics the team is following in the game. Hence, ranking alone is not a reliable parameter to predict the outcome of a match.


Apart from ranking, a rating method proves to be a more dominant parameter for predicting the outcome of a football game. Rating method involves analysis of attacking and defensive tactics of a team, and other factors such as home ground, player skills and past one on one game records.

How to make predictions

There are various factors, which affect the outcome of the game. These factors when collectively analyzed, they output statistical figures, which decide the outcome of a game.

  • Variables- Variable like goal difference, possession, free kicks, corner kicks and completed passes account to the accuracy of prediction of a game. Hence, for predicting a single outcome, a collection of data from at least ten matches must be available prior to the game.
  • Home Ground- Playing on home ground is one of the most important factors when considering the performance of a team. The crowd contains large masses of home team fans whose cheering boosts the morale of the players.
  • Goal Differentials- The division of the number of points scored and a number of points conceded during the game by a particular team and then its multiplication with 100 yields goal differentials. These are highly crucial figures when the goal scored is similar for both teams.
  • Lineup- A team becomes stronger with its players. Hence, the lineup of a game is a critical factor in the outcome of the game. If a team is playing with its strongest players, it is likely to win the game.

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